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Jenny La Sala Jim Markson

VIETNAM & BEYOND is Jenny La Sala’s third publication with My Family Compass written under her pen name of Ann Stone in 2012 and Comes A Soldier’s Whisper in 2013. Jim Markson and Jenny La Sala who were married for 14 years and divorced in 1987 have now collaborated to produce a powerful book in VIETNAM & BEYOND that combines Jim’s letters home from Vietnam with his later recollections. It was after Jim read his father-in-law’s letters written as a 101st Airborne paratrooper in WWII that he realized he shared many of the same sentiments. Jenny was not aware that Jim’s mother had saved every letter written while deployed in Vietnam. Together, they have a story to tell, one that will resonate with many other veterans of war, past, present and future.  Jim and Jenny are very proud to embrace veterans of all wars and share over thirty veteran stories from WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan to show the similarities of war and the soldier from one generation to another.


Title: Rise Of The Warriors