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Vietnam and Beyond will resonate with many other veterans of war, past, present and future. Their wish is that this book will help place other veterans and their families on this road as well.




ISBN 13 (Trade Paperback): 9781490746166
ISBN 13 (Hardbound): 9781490746159
ISBN 13 (eBook): 9781490746197


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Vietnam and Beyond

Vietnam and Beyond

A well-written book baring the deep-seated emotions that have been kept hidden from view to those closest to these veterans. A very emotional read. Thank you to both authors for bringing these experiences out of the shadows.

~Mary Ann Rike



Title: Rise Of The Warriors


5 stars Vietnam & Beyond By  Janie McGrath

I read Vetnam & Beyond recently and couldn’t put it down. Each veteran told their individual stories, and each had different experiences. Mostly, I was shocked to read what a war really is. We, the readers, just look at numbers and casualties ~ they were nameless/faceless men and boys.

This book was full of stories of each individual, most with guns in their hands. Go to any VA Hospital in our country and you can see the result of what war does. These are very brave men & boys, all fighting for our right to live in Peace!

Thank you Jenny for reminding us and someday, I hope, their won’t be a need to tell stories like this. Bless you, Janie McGrath !

5 stars Vietnam & Beyond By Filomena

This book was written in such a manner that the authors actually take you places that no one can imagine. You experience the pain, suffering and torment of what our veterans were exposed to and are still encountering . They introduce you into the lives of some extremely brave men and women without whom we would not be united. One page is more engrossing than the other, a page turner to say the least. I was extremely amazed, educated and now have an intense insight as to what PTSD is all about. I highly recommend this book not only to our veterans past, present and future but to anyone curious to know exactly what soldiers endured. Most definitely suited for a spouse of anyone suffering from PTSD. The authors clearly give you a gift which needs to be shared with others. Thank You & God Bless

5 stars Vietnam & Beyond By John D. Markson


5 stars Vietnam & Beyond By Ms. Phyllis Scotto

Great book. Loved letters going back and forth. Pictures and story line were great. Recommend highly